Characters and Improved Filtering

27 Jul

We are rolling out the final phase of the 4 characters feature as well as the introduction of the “without” filtering options in the category story listing pages.

Due to the new filtering options, the filtering menu is getting quite bloated and we no longer want to squeeze every filter option alongside the page content. This is a significant departure from previous UI layout and is currently in beta phase. We will continue to improve it over the coming days as we parse through all the user feedback and a hybrid approach is already in the works.


  • Added new “without” filtering options for category story listing pages.
  • Added new 4 character filtering option for category story listing pages.
  • Forum Per-Topic Reply Limit has been upped to 40K from previous 20K level.
  • Improved performance of Fontastic Panel on tablet/mobile devices.


  • Search returns error for some search keywords and filters.
  • Chrome v26+ compatibility.
  • Chrome on Android blowing up font sizes randomly.


  • Sync filtering options to mobile site.
  • Introduce hybrid approach to the new filtering option where the most often used filters are displayed with the page and the rest are hidden away in the new filter UI.

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