Site Down Due to Hardware Config

Our staff is currently en route to fix an on-going hardware config issue that is causing temporary down-time. ETA to resolution is 30 minutes.

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General Update

We have pushed a large update to the site with changes encompassing all areas of the site. Notable additions:

Improved filters with live count of enabled filters without leaving the filter screen for instant feedback on potential results.

Large forums with categories will now have the categories listed in tag-like format for improved navigation. We highly encourage all large forums to implement and add categories to better group different types of conversations.


  • [Filters] Live count of filtered results.
  • [Forum] Improved support of external links to allowed sites
  • [Language] Added Afrikaans to supported languages.
  • [PM/Forum] Improved protection against commercial spammers
  • [Story Reporting] Added option: Commercial Spam.
  • [Forum] Forum sub-categories now listed in tag-like format.
  • [Forum] Long links will no longer have empty spaces injected.
  • [Opera Browser] Resolved Opera version <12 having issues loading pages.
  • [Community] Fixed community alerts not including crossover category info.
  • [Firefox Browser] Resolved display with Firefox 3.6 browser.
  • [Misc] Many other smaller fixes and improvements.

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Opera v10 and v11 Users

We have found a bug within Opera version 10 and 11 desktop browsers which is resulting the inability to complete loading of some pages. Please note this is a bug within an older version of Opera desktop browser. We highly recommend all Opera desktop users to upgrade to the latest Opera browser at which is currently at version 18.

We will try to implement a work-around within the next few hours but Opera users should upgrade regardless.

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Opera Mini Users

Opera Mini users on older mobile devices need to have the following setting selected to avoid problems visiting our sites.

Opera Mini Configuration:

  • Under Settings -> Advanced, ,make sure “Sockets” is selected as the preferred connection method.
  • Also make sure you have the latest possible Opera Mini installed by visiting
  • Android users should avoid using Opera Mini and use the default browser of choice.

[Note that Opera Mini and other Opera products such as Opera or Opera Mobile are completely different browsers. The above post is only relevant to Opera Mini users. There are no known issues with Opera Mobile or Opera browsers.]


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SSL Upgrade @ Nov 15, 12AM (GMT-8)

On November 15th @12AM US PST (GMT-8) we will reserve a 2 hour maintenance window during which we will perform site-side SSL (web browser encryption) upgrades. During this maintenance window user may experience some broken links while we transition to 100% SSL.


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PM Pagination Upgrade

For users with massive PM post counts, we have added pagination so older browsers and mobile devices will not crash under the weight of displaying thousands of conversational posts. By default the last page with the most recent posts are displayed with navigation/paging option for previous messages.


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Scheduled Maintenance @ Nov 14th 12AM GMT-8

On November 14th @12AM US PST (GMT-8) time we will have a short period of about 90 minutes when newly submitted stories may be delayed in appearing in searches and category filters.

Due to timezone differences, some users might be more impacted than others.

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