Auto-Timezone For Displayed Date/Time

We have expanded the coverage of correctly displaying time and dates based a user’s time zone. The upgrade is now site-wide and includes stories and PMs with 100% coverage expected in a few days.


  • Correctly displaying the time/date based on user’s timezone.
  • Displayed time/date is adaptive/relative to the current time. If a story was published 10 minutes ago, it will show “10m ago” instead of a fixed month and day format.

[Clarification: When a date/time is in the current year, i.e. Nov 11, 2013, the year is not displayed as it is implied. ]


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Forum Posting Time and Timezones

Forum posts/threads will now display the proper time based on your actual timezone. Previously, forum post times are displayed in US PST time only which can result in some confusion due to different time zones.

Note the forums are getting this auto-timezone feature first but once we iron out any imperfections, this feature will be activated everywhere where time or date is displayed.


  • Forum topic/thread time-stamps will now display correct time based on user’s timezone.

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Crossover Search Option

Introducing new “type” option on search page so users can exclude or find only crossover stories within search results. By default a search will return both regular and crossover story types.


  • New type option with search page for users to selectively include/exclude crossover story types.
  • Accessibility: improved browser compatibility for login captcha audio. Internet Explorer screen-reader users should upgrade to IE 9 or later.

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Atom/RSS Feeds

Category Atom/RSS feeds return for those that like to use feed readers to subscribe to the latest stories.


  • Atom/RSS feeds for categories. You can use your mobile browser or feed reader software to subscribe to the relevant feeds.


  • Gmail fixed their lolz email bug.
  • Updated profanity filter to reduce collateral damage.
  • Resolved backlog of story stats caused by downtime.

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Network Downtime

Please note due to a network switch hardware failure, we are experiencing some inaccessible areas throughout the site. Our tech staff is already onsite performing a bypass and should have everything sorted out in 1 hour.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


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Gmail Blocking “Lolz”

[Updated 11/4/2013] Gmail has patched this bug.

Please note we have discovered a technical problem with Gmail which is flagging certain emails containing the word  “lolz” as unsafe email meaning it will never arrive in your inbox or even your spam folder. This lolz problem had an effect on some PMs sent between our members.

For the time being and until this bug is fixed by Gmail staff, we will rewrite “lolz” to “lol” in our alert emails. Keep in mind this “lolz” issue is widespread based on our internal tests and for the time being we advise everyone to avoid using the word “lolz” in their future emails to gmail users.

You can test this yourself by sending an email containing the word “lolz” in the email body  to a friend with a gmail account. Hopefully this bug will be fixed by Gmail soon.


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DocX and Forum Spams

We have resolved an issue with some DocX conversion and added extra protection against a new wave of commercial spams targeting some forums.


  • Fixed  DocX conversion resulting in some docs missing proper word spacing after submission.
  • (Spam Prevention) Forum topics headers will now strip out all urls.
  • (Spam Prevention) Forum new topic creation is now disabled for new users registered within the past 7 days. New users are still able to reply to forum topics.
  • Fixed discrepancy between the visual look of some member profiles between the desktop and mobile site.

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