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Site Loading Fixed

At 2:50PM GMT-7 US Pacific Time, we experienced a technical glitch with our 3rd party content delivery provider causing site to load with broken layouts. The issues have been resolved and everything should be loading up normally.

We apologize for the short inconvenience and are in contacts with the provider to see what went wrong and how to prevent this from happening in the future.


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IE 9 Fix


  • Misc/random bugs with certain navigation features for users with IE 9 browsers. Issue was caused by an updated 3rd party software package (jquery 1.8.0) which introduced new bugs. We have since downgraded to the previous known good version.

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Minor Fixes


  • Word count sorting for story management page a little unpredictable.
  • Search engine not showing latest stories for the past few days.

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7/21 Bug Fix Edition


  1. We believe we have nailed down the problem causing some random users “connection disconnected” browser notices. If you are still having this issue, please post a comment and if possible paste the result of “tracert” command via your Windows cmdline (run “cmd” in window’s startup menu) or Mac’s terminal app.
  2. Sync issue causing random “story/chapter not found error” for a few hours yesterday.
  3. Some members were unable to acknowledge the email delivery problem notice in the login area  to resume email delivery.

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7/20 Sync Issues

We have isolated the recent “story not found” errors within the last few hours to be result of our out-of-sync database cluster. Most systems are in sync but a few are not. We have deactivated and will rebuild those affected machines.

Please note new submitted stories that result in “story not found” errors are perfectly fine in our system and you do not need to re-upload them. Only the display is currently affected by a few bad servers.

Everything should be back to normal within the next 30 minutes.


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7/19 Bug Hunter: The Missing Connection

We have recently received sporadic reports from some having inconsistent browser issues with the login area. Specifically, some users are reporting browser disconnection errors when performing admin actions in the login section.

As result of the haphazard nature of these reports and the random frequency of these events, we need your help to gather more data so we can find a common baseline to form a solution.

If you are experiencing or have experienced the above problem, please comment on this blog post with the following info:

  1. Exact error displayed by the browser when the error happened.
  2. Browser used and version. Example, Google Chrome v14.
  3. Country Location. We highly suspect this to be a network issue from certain countries but we could be wrong .
  4. The type of internet connection: DSL, Cable Internet, Fiber Internet, Misc Broadband,  4G Mobile, 3G Mobile, or 2G Mobile.
  5. The name of your internet provider.

With enough data points/responses, we can solve this modern-day mystery.


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7/16 Update

Mini bug-fix edition.


  1. Resolved filtering problem for some combination of crossover categories (FF only).

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