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9/9 Update


  • We have added several new servers into our working cluster to improve response time during peak hours.


  • (Mobile/Desktop) Community story page filtering not working when the specific “>1000 words” filter is selected.

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Mobile Changes and Communities


  1. Communities access now available for mobile.
  2. New navigation bar for mobile.
  3. Search engine for Communities and Forums activated for mobile.
  4. Minor visual updates for the desktop site.


  • Beta profile’s genre section showed incorrect highlighting.


  • Community alert/follow action will be added to mobile soon.

UPDATED: We have fixed the over-sized font problem when an iOS device is placed into landscape mode.


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Search & Beta Tweaks


  1. Beta area and Author searches now display “Join Date” in addition to published stories count. Avatar icons have also increased in size in these two areas.
  2. Forum/Community searches now include covers.
  3. Make sure all cover images act as clickable links.


  1. Forum search errors out on certain keywords.
  2. Tiny font issue for forum/community searches.
  3. Search result distorting some links.

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Tweaks Aplenty

Following are updates to the desktop/regular site.


  1. New check-and-remove option added for Alerts and Favorites management to allow faster and multiple removals per action.
  2. Arial is now the default font replacing Verdana for a tighter layout and improved readability across all platforms. Users can change their story reading mode to ‘Verdana’ mode via the text style toggles.
  3. Story links now respect the :visited css property to alert users which stories they have already visited.
  4. Increased font size for those with high-resolution monitors (1400 pixel width and higher). Ultra high-resolution screens have very small pixel size translating to smaller texts and this change should improve readability for these users.
  5. Slightly darker blue colors for all links to reduce eye-strain for those that stay on the site for hours at a time.
  6. Darker horizontal rules (separators).
  7. Cleaner look for the story content/chapters management page.


  1. Image manager pop-up selection out of alignment on some browsers.
  2. Fixed Alerts and Favorites management for those with monster 10K+ plus entries.


  • Sorting within Alerts/Favorites management will return in a different form in the next scheduled update.

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7/17 Update

UPDATE: We have fixed a problem with > 1K word count filter caused by today’s update.


  1. Filtering and Sorting upgrade for Communities. Added filters: genre,  word count, time range, and complete status. Added new sorts:  reviews, favs, and follows.
  2. Added “< 1K” and “< 5K” word count filter option for story listings.
  3. Added “< 1K” words option in the search engine for those seeking short stories.
  4. Relabeled the misleading “1-4K” words search option to the accurate title of “< 5K” .



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7/15 Update


  1. New Time Range Sort option: There is now a time range filter based on either Update or Publish Date and ranges from 24 hours, 1 week, 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, to the default “All Time”. The time range filter is designed to enhance and complement other filters for larger categories where even filtered results can be in the hundreds of thousands.
  2. Image covers activated for the public pages of Communities (C2s).
  3. New Published Date Sort option for Communities.
  4. Misc minor improvements all around.

We got a lot of great  feedback for our last blog post on new sorting options. Sometimes when we introduce a new feature, it may be designed for a certain group of users. In this case, the sorting options are designed for and much requested by readers. Giving readers more choices is always a good thing for the authors in the long run.


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7/13 Update


  1. New sorting types for story listings. Now available are sorting based on the number of reviews, number of favorites (favs), and number of follows (subscriptions).
  2. Community pages received a minor face-lift to be more consistent with rest of the site.
  3. More available display width for screens with 1280 pixel width or wider resolution.

UPDATED: Crossover in-page sorting has been fixed.


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