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7/10 Update


  1. Atom/RSS feed links have changed slightly. Previously they were under the sub-domain of “…” and they are now all under the “www” domain such as “” or “…”. Other than the domain part, the rest of the feed url stays the same format. Those who have older links need to update or receive 404 errors.


  1. Broken Community sort links when the title of the community contained the word “crossover”. The site mistakenly thought it was a crossover section link and not a community link.

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7/8 Status Update 2

We just pushed out a large update which fixes a few bugs and preps the site for upcoming upgrades.


  1. Reverted guest review system to previous setup where one can enter a name instead of using the default “Guest” name tag. Please note authors should not trust the name tag from guest reviews since everything in a guest review is from an unverified source.
  2. Today’s update included tremendous amount of changes under-the-hood and if you see a broken link somewhere, please notify us immediately.

Bugs fixed

  1. Forum alert un-subscribe links in email alerts.
  2. Community links in community alerts.

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