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7/6 Status Update

Status: Email Alert Issues (Fixed)

UPDATE: We are aware of email alert issues and are investigating. Please be patient while we sort this out.

UPDATE 2: Issue with alerts has been fixed and we are pushing out the current backlogged email alerts out as fast as we can but it may take a few hours. Sorry for the delay folks!  For those curious, the backlog was result of a rare infinite-loop that was triggered earlier today causing alerts to be sitting and waiting on the delivery queue.

UPDATE 3: Fixed english plural problem for info tags displayed alongside forum posts.


Short FAQ on Email Alerts

1. One of the top support question is “Where is my alert?”

99% of email delivery problems are actually client-side issues with account settings or ISP. First, login to verify alert settings. Second, check warning if applicable. If we encounter an issue delivering to your inbox, a warning notice will be displayed post site login. Last, ensure your email inbox is not incorrectly filtering our emails and is in good standing as in not over-quota.

2. We have set a length limit, before truncation, on email alerts to prevent ISPs from mis-filtering our emails. An overly long email alert can inadvertently trigger some spam filters. Please note the alert length limit only affects Review, PM and Forum alerts. If your alert is truncated, it will be noted in the mail message and you can visit the site to view the full content.


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