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Spell Checker and Grammar Suggestions

To help procrastinating writers, we are launching a combo spell checker and rudimentary grammar suggestions feature for our online editor. If everything goes well, we will also port the feature to the review box.

Please note that automated tools are not substitutes for proper self proof-reading and editing. These small features we are offering are meant to help writers catch any last gaps and are not meant to be first-line defenses.


  1. New spell checker for profile, forum, and document manager. Spell checker currently supports 5 languages: English (default), Spanish, German, French, and Portuguese.
  2. New grammar suggestion feature integrated with spell checker. (English only)

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7/23 Performance


  1. During our recent bug hunting  process we were able to find and resolve a performance bottleneck which has improved page processing speed by 10% on average. The increased speed will be most noticeable in the forums, the login area, and the mobile site.


  1. Safari and iOS users having issues posting to forums after our last update.
  2. A short window yesterday where the captcha system would not validate correct inputs.

There might still besome selective users having connection issues or timeouts and if you are one those few, please post a comment and let us know what browser you are using and any antivirus program you are using. Many antivirus programs today are filtering all web browser content and are notorious for being buggy in this feature. Make sure to test our site with your antivirus program’s “link scanner” or “web protection/filter” disabled.


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7/9 Status Update 2


  1. Better email subjects for many alert types. For example, chapter alerts now include the story title in the front of the subject followed by new chapter number to allow better user-side email sorting.
  2. Forum limit for replies (threads) per topic has been increased from 9,999 to full 20,000. This should help large forums and forums dedicated to role-playing. Note the limit is here to prevent forums being overloaded by spam. If there is a need for forums to have even higher limits in the future, we will increase it.


  1. Resolved issue with some users not being able to use the Facebook login.

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7/8 Status Update 2

We just pushed out a large update which fixes a few bugs and preps the site for upcoming upgrades.


  1. Reverted guest review system to previous setup where one can enter a name instead of using the default “Guest” name tag. Please note authors should not trust the name tag from guest reviews since everything in a guest review is from an unverified source.
  2. Today’s update included tremendous amount of changes under-the-hood and if you see a broken link somewhere, please notify us immediately.

Bugs fixed

  1. Forum alert un-subscribe links in email alerts.
  2. Community links in community alerts.

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