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Online Image Cover Editor

We are experimenting with a new online editor for cover images. The new editor allows easy point-n-click access to adding titles and other effects to your current image covers.  Many writers do not have the tools or skill to create or edit an image cover and this new feature should help alleviate this problem.

Please note that multiple passes of using the image editor will severely degrade image quality. Each time you hit save via the editor is considered one pass. We recommend having the original image backed up on your computer, upload it, and use the editor once or twice to save changes. If you need to start over from scratch, upload the original image on your computer and start the process over again.


  • New online image editor for covers. To access, visit Image Manager, click on the image and visit editing link.


  • To achieve the best image quality, upload 6/9 ratio images and not squares. 6/9 ratio is equivalent to 300 pixel width and 450 pixel height. If you upload a square image, we crop it and potentially distorting your original image.

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