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9/9 Update


  • We have added several new servers into our working cluster to improve response time during peak hours.


  • (Mobile/Desktop) Community story page filtering not working when the specific “>1000 words” filter is selected.

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Zoom zoom…

We are on a never-ending quest to improve our delivery network and are happy to announce another 6-12% performance speed-up for both the desktop and mobile site.

This speed-up will be most noticeable for those on mobile devices on cellular networks (Edge/3G/4G) and our friends accessing from overseas such as Asia, Australia, Europe, and South America.


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7/29 Performance and Search


  1. We have upgraded our search engine which will help us deliver improved search results. Since the search software is new, please report any and all search issues.
  2. Over the past week we have worked tirelessly to improve performance on the entire site as a whole and we are happy to announce that our efforts have yielded a 15% speed increase on average for all page loads.

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7/23 Performance


  1. During our recent bug hunting  process we were able to find and resolve a performance bottleneck which has improved page processing speed by 10% on average. The increased speed will be most noticeable in the forums, the login area, and the mobile site.


  1. Safari and iOS users having issues posting to forums after our last update.
  2. A short window yesterday where the captcha system would not validate correct inputs.

There might still besome selective users having connection issues or timeouts and if you are one those few, please post a comment and let us know what browser you are using and any antivirus program you are using. Many antivirus programs today are filtering all web browser content and are notorious for being buggy in this feature. Make sure to test our site with your antivirus program’s “link scanner” or “web protection/filter” disabled.


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