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7/25 Profile Links


  • Profile Links have been re-activated. Linking to external websites within member profiles have returned now that we have purged many fake accounts used by spammers. There is also a new verification stage for external links to prevent spammers hiding nefarious websites behind deceptive link titles.

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7/24 Bump Spamming


  1. To minimize bump spamming, the act of removing/adding chapter to bump up your story on the listings, we will not modify a story’s last updated time-stamp if the same chapter has been removed and added over a certain time period.
  2. To minimize alert spamming/duplicates from authors, we only send out one alert per chapter per story over a certain time period. If you submit a new chapter, a new alert is sent out to your followers. If you delete this chapter the next minute and re-submit the chapter, no alert will be sent out.


  1. Firefox browser issues with the display of login area left navigation bar.
  2. Firefox browser might not allow new chapter addition if you just deleted the same chapter.

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