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Review Sync Issue

We have resolved a review sync issue affecting a percentage of our users. Please note all un-synced reviews have been pushed and now visible.

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Login issues and moving forward

A cascading issue which resulted in login area problems for the last day has been resolved.

We are currently reviewing all of our network, hardware, and software infrastructure to make sure that moving forward, these type of errors are not only fixed at their roots but add preventive measure to ensure they do not repeat.

There are literally thousands of individual parts that make up the eco-system that powers the site and we will spend the next few weeks upgrading every single area to ensure our users get the best experience.


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Spam Cleanup

Over the past 48 hours we have performed a massive cleanup of “Korean” advert spam within many categories and forums. The task was made more difficult as the spammers have found a way to bypass Gmail’s security to create tens of thousands of valid Gmail accounts purely for the purpose of spamming.

Please help us further by forwarding links to any commercial advertisement spam to our support emails.

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Update Follow-up

Our last update took much longer than expected as the actual run-time of the image migration far exceeded initial trial runs.

Profile image/avatar is now fully integrated with the “Image Manager” feature and relocated to the account settings page.

We will be doing quite a few upgrades throughout the month so if you find a bug, please send it to support.

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System Upgrade Notice

We will be performing database upgrades between 4PM and 7PM US Pacific Time, April 6th. During this scheduled  window, there will be service disruption to the account profile image/avatar feature.

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Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! We are working furiously to have an amazing month in January, 2015. Stay tuned and stay warm everyone.

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Battery Saver for Chrome users

For those with smart/mobile devices, we have added optimization for Chrome browsers which will lower cpu usage and extend battery life. With the latest change, Chrome is now at the top of our recommended browser list.

Note: With our latest update, we have dropped legacy support for Sony PSP (1000/2000/3000) browsers.

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