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Support for interrobang characters of “!?” and “?!” has been added to doc manager and story submissions. We are not supporting the Unicode version of interrobang since the Unicode version is a single character combining both ? and ! which is entirely illegible on screen. Spanish’s interrobang equivalent  has been added as well.

We like to stress that the value of interrobang and proper usage has been debated among academics and here is our take on it.

When and why you should not use interrobang:

  1. Interrobang is very new and old school writers frown upon it. If you like to be hired to editing work for established publishing house or enter a career in writing, don’t use it.
  2. Professors and teachers just might give you a shifty eye. If you are writing essays for literature class or publishing theses  for university, avoid using it.
  3. Laziness. Words and language itself can be highly expressive when creativity is injected. Relying on a punctuation mark to improve your expressiveness will not help you to improve as a writer.

When and why you should use interrobang:

  1. Want to be a rebel with a cause? The world is changing and so will our words!

Regardless, times change and maybe interrobang will be accepted by the mainstream in the future. For now, use with care or even better, avoid it whenever possible.


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