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Author Filter for Story Favorites & Alerts


  1. Added Author Filter to show only stories from selected author. Applicable to both story favorites and alerts/follows in the management area. This is more powerful than the defunct authors sort since the filter acts as a grouping feature.
  2. Story Update Date is now set as as the default sorting option for Story Favorites and Alerts/Follows. Change is made since this is most frequently used option and almost always the first thing an user would want to see when they bring up their lists.

Please note that the ability to display thousands of favorites/alerts on a single page will not be enabled and the current paginated method is the way of the future. Having thousands of listing on a single page will slow most browsers to a crawl if not outright crash them. With the sorting option, category filter, and the new author filter managing your favorites/alerts is now more user-friendly and enables the management of large favorites/alerts numbering in the 10s of thousands.


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Category Filter for Story Favorites and Alerts/Follows

Replacing the deprecated category sorting option we had before, we are introducing a more useful and powerful category filtering option to the story management pages for both Favorites and Alerts/Follows. This should help those with hundreds if not thousands of favorites/follows in various categories.


  1. DocX send limit has been increased to 100.
  2. Favorited stories management page now has a “Category Filter” option.
  3. Followed/Alerted stories management page now has a “Category Filter” option.


  • (mobile) Broken links in some areas of the communities section.

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Alerts/Favs Admin Story Sort


  • Sorting by Story Update Date has been re-added in addition to the default Fav/Alert “Added Date” sort. If your Favs/Alerts fits on one page with less than or equal to 50 entries than in-page sorting is also enabled.

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Tweaks Aplenty

Following are updates to the desktop/regular site.


  1. New check-and-remove option added for Alerts and Favorites management to allow faster and multiple removals per action.
  2. Arial is now the default font replacing Verdana for a tighter layout and improved readability across all platforms. Users can change their story reading mode to ‘Verdana’ mode via the text style toggles.
  3. Story links now respect the :visited css property to alert users which stories they have already visited.
  4. Increased font size for those with high-resolution monitors (1400 pixel width and higher). Ultra high-resolution screens have very small pixel size translating to smaller texts and this change should improve readability for these users.
  5. Slightly darker blue colors for all links to reduce eye-strain for those that stay on the site for hours at a time.
  6. Darker horizontal rules (separators).
  7. Cleaner look for the story content/chapters management page.


  1. Image manager pop-up selection out of alignment on some browsers.
  2. Fixed Alerts and Favorites management for those with monster 10K+ plus entries.


  • Sorting within Alerts/Favorites management will return in a different form in the next scheduled update.

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7/9 Status Update 2


  1. Better email subjects for many alert types. For example, chapter alerts now include the story title in the front of the subject followed by new chapter number to allow better user-side email sorting.
  2. Forum limit for replies (threads) per topic has been increased from 9,999 to full 20,000. This should help large forums and forums dedicated to role-playing. Note the limit is here to prevent forums being overloaded by spam. If there is a need for forums to have even higher limits in the future, we will increase it.


  1. Resolved issue with some users not being able to use the Facebook login.

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