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7/19 Bug Hunter: The Missing Connection

We have recently received sporadic reports from some having inconsistent browser issues with the login area. Specifically, some users are reporting browser disconnection errors when performing admin actions in the login section.

As result of the haphazard nature of these reports and the random frequency of these events, we need your help to gather more data so we can find a common baseline to form a solution.

If you are experiencing or have experienced the above problem, please comment on this blog post with the following info:

  1. Exact error displayed by the browser when the error happened.
  2. Browser used and version. Example, Google Chrome v14.
  3. Country Location. We highly suspect this to be a network issue from certain countries but we could be wrong .
  4. The type of internet connection: DSL, Cable Internet, Fiber Internet, Misc Broadband,  4G Mobile, 3G Mobile, or 2G Mobile.
  5. The name of your internet provider.

With enough data points/responses, we can solve this modern-day mystery.


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