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Submitting Docs with Images

While doing our regular log sweeps we discovered that some users are using the Document Manager to submit word files with embedded images which can cause the conversion process to fail. Embedding animated GIFs might be spiffy for sharing with friends but our system will not always process them correctly.

So a general rule of thumb is to remove images from your word files before submission and especially if you encounter errors.

Lastly, we have been doing quite a bit of work helping the <0.5% who likes to submit amazingly corrupted Word documents and especially Word 2003 and higher (.docx) files. To help us find the common connection between these users, we would like anyone having problem submitting .docx files to send their original files to our support email with the following info:

  1. Attach the .docx file in question.
  2. What OS are you running? What OS version?
  3. Which Word Processor did you use to create the file? What version of the program? You can find these info by looking for the  “About…” option within the program menus.

With some feedback and luck, we just might be able to help these users out.


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Doc Manager Bug Fix

This is an early bird edition for an important bug fix.


  • Compatibility with some finicky .doc files for the Document Manager uploading/submission process.

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Spell Checker and Grammar Suggestions

To help procrastinating writers, we are launching a combo spell checker and rudimentary grammar suggestions feature for our online editor. If everything goes well, we will also port the feature to the review box.

Please note that automated tools are not substitutes for proper self proof-reading and editing. These small features we are offering are meant to help writers catch any last gaps and are not meant to be first-line defenses.


  1. New spell checker for profile, forum, and document manager. Spell checker currently supports 5 languages: English (default), Spanish, German, French, and Portuguese.
  2. New grammar suggestion feature integrated with spell checker. (English only)

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7/24 #2 Minor Updates


  • Allow Jailbroken iPad/iPhone/iOS devices to use the regular file-upload method for doc submission if browser supports the feature.


  • Some communities were not properly sorted with new sort options.


  • Paste method for Doc Manager will only preserve bold/italics only if the program you are pasting from support pasting to web browser properties. It might not work with some mobile apps.

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7/24 New Document Submission Method: Paste

Apple iOS users can finally submit new docs via our Document Manager with today’s change.


  • New iPad/iPhone/iPod compatible web paste method for document submission. Since the aforementioned devices do not have a file-upload feature within their mobile Safari browser, we have created a web-based paste-type system to compensate. The new submission method would also be of interest to those that prefer copying-n-pasting from their favorite word program.

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7/18 Word Counts and Document Manager


  1. More accurate word counts for submitted stories and especially for Asian languages such as Chinese, Japanese, and Thai. We will be re-calculating the word counts for all stories retroactively.  Please note that word count is at best an estimate since in some languages, a word is only defined while in context and cannot be easily calculated by a computer.
  2. Document shelf-life has been extended to 90 days from previous 60 days limit.

A quick look back at the inception and history of our Document Manager. When we first started, you can directly edit a story or chapter content live minus the document stage. So what happened?

After several years of monitoring and a lot of feedback we discovered this live-editing method introduced a very high rate of errors and often catastrophic human ones. As result of the findings, the Document Manager was born.

One can think of Documents as manuscripts or drafts and the Document Manager as the editing room holding all your drafts. We decided it was important to hammer the following points home to authors:

  1. Never perform live content edits to your published story.  Just like you don’t edit a published book on the shelf but rather a manuscript or draft. The same principle applies here to help separate the process of  “Editing” and “Publishing” which is often confused now-a-days due to the popularity of online blog type systems. Your stories are more important than blogs and you should treat them as such.
  2. Preview, Review and Edit before Publishing. In the old days, you can publish a file from your hard drive straight to a new live story and due to this missing self-review process, tons of human errors were made.

Document Manager vastly reduces the human error factor in the editing and publishing process and helps to introduce the idea to writers that editing is a distinct and important process separate from the publishing stage.

Tip: You can use the export to document (exp) feature to perform edits on your existing story chapter if you do not already have it in your doc manager.


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