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Spell Checker and Grammar Suggestions

To help procrastinating writers, we are launching a combo spell checker and rudimentary grammar suggestions feature for our online editor. If everything goes well, we will also port the feature to the review box.

Please note that automated tools are not substitutes for proper self proof-reading and editing. These small features we are offering are meant to help writers catch any last gaps and are not meant to be first-line defenses.


  1. New spell checker for profile, forum, and document manager. Spell checker currently supports 5 languages: English (default), Spanish, German, French, and Portuguese.
  2. New grammar suggestion feature integrated with spell checker. (English only)

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7/25 Profile Links


  • Profile Links have been re-activated. Linking to external websites within member profiles have returned now that we have purged many fake accounts used by spammers. There is also a new verification stage for external links to prevent spammers hiding nefarious websites behind deceptive link titles.

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