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Search Engine Update

Search engine is currently undergoing a major software upgrade to improve response times and prep for future feature launches.

As result, new or updated stories will not show up in the current search results until the upgrade has been completed which we estimate to be approximately 3 hours from this post.

UPDATED: Search upgrade has been completed. All data should be in sync within the hour.


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Searching with /

Resolved a new issue where search keywords containing the “/” forward slash character would return an error message.


  • Unquoted searching terms containing the “/” forward slash symbol  can cause search errors.

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Minor Updates


  1. Allow apostrophes within searching keywords and phrases such as “Mike’s wishes”. Due to caching, this change will take up to 1 hour to take effect.
  2. Increased character limit in search field to allow longer searches.


  1. (FictionPress Only) Some new stories are not properly indexed in the search database.
  2. Some forums are not properly indexed in the search database.

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Simplified Searching

We have unified the search input field which simplifies complex searches as you can now include exclusion keywords in the same field.


  • Unified keywords search. Previously, you had to put in exclusion keywords in a separate input field. It is now just a single keywords entry and you just prefix the keywords you want to exclude with a “-” dash/minus character.


  1. Search for love and peace: love peace.
  2. Search for the phrase “love peace”: “love peace”. Notice the double quotes.
  3. Search for love but not peace: love -peace.
  4. Search for phrase “love peace” but not “love war”: “love peace” -“love war”

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7/29 Performance and Search


  1. We have upgraded our search engine which will help us deliver improved search results. Since the search software is new, please report any and all search issues.
  2. Over the past week we have worked tirelessly to improve performance on the entire site as a whole and we are happy to announce that our efforts have yielded a 15% speed increase on average for all page loads.

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7/17 Update

UPDATE: We have fixed a problem with > 1K word count filter caused by today’s update.


  1. Filtering and Sorting upgrade for Communities. Added filters: genre,  word count, time range, and complete status. Added new sorts:  reviews, favs, and follows.
  2. Added “< 1K” and “< 5K” word count filter option for story listings.
  3. Added “< 1K” words option in the search engine for those seeking short stories.
  4. Relabeled the misleading “1-4K” words search option to the accurate title of “< 5K” .



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