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Submitting Docs with Images

While doing our regular log sweeps we discovered that some users are using the Document Manager to submit word files with embedded images which can cause the conversion process to fail. Embedding animated GIFs might be spiffy for sharing with friends but our system will not always process them correctly.

So a general rule of thumb is to remove images from your word files before submission and especially if you encounter errors.

Lastly, we have been doing quite a bit of work helping the <0.5% who likes to submit amazingly corrupted Word documents and especially Word 2003 and higher (.docx) files. To help us find the common connection between these users, we would like anyone having problem submitting .docx files to send their original files to our support email with the following info:

  1. Attach the .docx file in question.
  2. What OS are you running? What OS version?
  3. Which Word Processor did you use to create the file? What version of the program? You can find these info by looking for the  “About…” option within the program menus.

With some feedback and luck, we just might be able to help these users out.


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